Coaching one-to-One

Mentalization orientation in coaching means self-orientation and working with inner images as images of experienced reality. One's own and that of others. Through self-orientation, relationships become the core topic of coaching, to inner parts and relationship partners, because there is no self without relationship. And here a question about relationship design suggests itself:

"Who designs and what do the design actions trigger?"

Looking closely, it is about a specific aspect that is responsible for the kind of reality experienced: attachment.

To work with attachment in coaching, i.e., to operationalize attachment events, several terms are distinguished and used:

Attachment quality - "How secure do you feel in your relationships?"

Attachment stress - "How much uncertainty is there in your relationships?"

Attachment Dynamics - "How does your attachment quality "float" with a deep sense of security to insecurity, causing you relationship stress and vice versa? And what images are responsible for this?"

To develop an answer and thus a solution for these questions, I use scenic methods and work with body (movement), mind (metacognitive) and heart (emotions, feelings and moods).

By phone or Zoom I offer a free initial appointment, where questions, expectations and occasions can be clarified. Only then it is decided whether a collaboration makes sense.

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